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Imagine a bakery that focuses on only a few items made with nothing but the best ingredients available on the planet. The most important of these is Turkey Red flour, made from a heritage grain with flavor that is missing from modern-day hybridized wheats. Try one of our breads if you're not sure what we are talking about.

Is there such a thing as an artisanal brownie?
If you agree with us that there is, you owe it to yourself to try brownies from the Imaginary Bakery.

Can cake actually improve a great cup of coffee?
We believe it is possible. The best way to find out is to select one of our coffee cakes to try with your favorite cup of coffee.


Raspberry Coffee Cake Breads are our specialty and they are made with Turkey Red flour -- white and whole wheat.

Five-grain Sourdough - made with Turkey Red wheat, cracked rye, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds and oats

Seeded Sourdough - Turkey Red wheat, whole rye flour, sunflower seeds,sesame seeds and flaxseeds

1.5 pound loaf - $6.50
2 pound loaf - $8.00

To be sure of availability, please call to order by 4 pm the prior day.

Coffee Cakes

Raspberry Coffee Cake Our coffee cakes are made with only the finest Turkey Red flour, fresh eggs, sour cream and cream cheese. These ingredients, along with the flavor of fruit, will make each bite a joy and will enhance your experience of your favorite coffee or tea.

7" - $16.00
9" - $22.00

Call now to order!


Brownies Do you consider yourself a "brownie afficionado"? Do you remember the best brownie you've ever eaten? We think you may have a new favorite after you try one of ours. We use wonderful semi-sweet chocolate chips and the freshest walnuts for that crunch that is so satisfying.

Dozen - $20.00

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